Wednesday, August 18, 2010

All is Quiet

It's early on a Wednesday and the boys are still sleeping. It is rare that I am up before them. I started a 10-day cleanse on Friday and feel great. Had always wanted to try one, but knew I could never do only liquids for that long. This program allows you to eat 3 times a day with snacks. Just lots of fruits, veggies, and nuts. Haven't been really hungry and have lost almost 6 pounds. Day 3 was ugly and struggled, but I am much better now! Not hungry, lots of energy. I went walking last night with a friend and it was so fun. Hope to get that in the exercise more often now!

School in 15 days! I think I have all of the supplies we need now. I am not one to go out and buy the kids all new wardrobes just because it is back-to-school time. They have plenty of clothes. I bought them each two new shirts...great sale as always at Aeropastle. JC will need new pants....not one pair fit him from last year. But, I will wait until the weather starts to change. He is growing too fast to buy them now! I am going to need to go clothes shopping since I am working FT now at the school. My wardrobe needs some help! Hoping to hold off awhile until I drop some more weight!

Off to tackle some freelance. I hope to be able to cut back on that a bit now that I am working enough time in the day!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

People are Just Nuts!

So, I am on the board of directors of our Local Little League and run one of the divisions. This dad at lacrosse camp was standing next to me at lacrosse camp yesterday complaining how the "new minor league commissioner" does not know what she is doing and never sends any information to parents. I almost bit my tongue, but instead introduced myself and shared that I did indeed send out several emails regarding the upcoming season and maybe he should check his junk mail file. He wanted to crawl into a hole! Had another parent go nuts because her husband was not chosen as a manager and they pulled their kid from the league since the dad is not in charge of a team. He was offered to be a coach...but obviously that's not good enough. The nerve of these people. My position is totally voluntary and we don't even get a break on our registration fees....I pay the same as everyone else. I put in tons of hours, especially before the season begins and these people sit back and bitch! So frustrating!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

My Tough Guy

JC never complains when he is sick or hurt. So, when he mentioned that his ear kind of hurt when he touched it, I took notice. When he mentioned it two days in a row, I figured it was serious. I took him to Urgent Care today and he has an inner and outer ear infection. The doc let me look and it was flaming red. The doc said an infection like this would make "a preacher cuss" and he would himself use vocabulary not in the dictionary! Now if only this tough guy routine would also be in place when his brother taps him....then we get the "Ouch, that hurt!" Sigh!

Saturday, July 31, 2010

Summer Fun

We had two encounters with old friends this week. First we hit the zoo with my friend LN and her four kids (including the 4-year old triplets!) We hadn't seen the kids since the triplets were like 18 months old. Nothing like seeing the zoo again from the eyes of a preschooler! LN and I have been friends for probably 20 years!

Thursday we hit Cedar Point with the girls and an old friend of JC's. She is also a bestie of cousin RM and she came to stay with them for a week. She and JC were in second and third grade together and they got to be great friends. The Point was busier than we expected for a Thursday, but they had a great time. For a change, the weather was not blazing hot and 90! They got on most of the big coasters which was a plus!

School starts in a month.....still much fun to be had by this gang!

Friday, July 23, 2010

Summer Winding Down

JC finished swim team this week. He made such great progress. He shaved almost 8 seconds off of his breast stroke and about 6 off his freestyle. He made it to the consolation round for breast stroke in championships this week. They had a little party and he received the most improved award....which he ironically also received after his first Middle School season. One of the parents who has been around swimming a long time said he has just made such tremendous progress and said we really need to keep him in the pool. We are looking at options, but most range from 700-1200 and are year round! We have one option that is a short fall pre-season, so we are looking into whether he is old enough for that. Let's hope!

Baseball evaluations for fall ball are next week....hard to believe. It feels like we just finished spring ball. JM is doing a lacrosse camp in a few weeks to try it out. Figured he needs to see if he likes it before we spend the money on equipment!

I got a full-time job at the elementary school as a TA for math/literacy support, so I am less than excited than ever for summer to end! We have been gone so much this summer that it seems we are now just relaxing. The pool pass has been great with these horribly hot days. We have just had constant heat this summer.....more 90+ degrees days than ever! Been really trying to catch up on the scrapbooking before school begins. I'm not too far behind....just finishing up Christmas of 2009. Could be worse!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Wow, one year later....

It has been almost a year since I posted last, and looking back there are some things that never change! 11 months later and my mother is back to scheduling surgery for what might be a cancerous growth on her kidney. My dad just finished a grueling new treatment a few weeks ago. He has a new tumor that is wrapped around his carotid artery and causing him to black out and have seizures. He still has not found out if it worked; they are hoping it shrinks it enough that he is more comfortable. Nothing else much they can do.

We are into our second week of summer vacation and so far, so good. We spend week one in North Carolina and had a great time. JM, for the first time, loved the ocean waves. The kids were swimming either in the ocean or our pool probably 6+ hours a day. Their skin shows it....very dried out! It as 90+ every day and we only had two small storms after dark. Perfect way to start the summer.

We are back to baseball, swim team, and JC volunteering at the library. JM's team got a bye in the first round and won in round two. Now we play tomorrow and if we win, Saturday is the championship. He hit in the winning run last night. It seems we are pretty booked this summer, but will definitely use our pool pass as much as possible! JC's first swim meet is tonight, should be fun.

Off to shoo the boys off of Wii and the computer to get them to do a little reading. They read a lot in the car during the vacation and trying to not slack off already!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Life in the Crazy Lane!

Life has been a little nuts the last month....I know, what's new?

We just learned that my mother has cancer. She had some pre-cancerous tissue removed in the same area about 6 years ago. It is considered a "high-risk" cancer...what ever that means. So, she goes next week for a pre-surgical appointment and hopefully they can get her in soon for surgery. She is in a lot of pain and discomfort. Luckily, my dad is recovering well from his cancer surgery. He is working on talking again and is even out riding his bike. Get one better, and one falls apart...geesh!

My brother's wife went into pre-term labor last week. The little bugger was about 5 weeks early, so that was little scary. They transported her to Toledo to give birth because the hospital where they live was not a high enough level NICU. He is doing remarkably well for being so early and was home in two days. Can't wait to see him! JM is glad he is no longer the youngest.

It has been 18 weeks since I hurt my foot and it is still not 100%. I am done with PT, but still have a lack of strength and stability and pain. So, the doc is looking at some surgery to clear out what he thinks is scar tissue causing the pain. We'll see. He THINKS it is from scar tissue...can't you do a scan of some sort and know for sure before poking around in my foot and sending me back to PT...umm, I think so!

This is our first week without baseball since April 8th! It has been nice.....of course the boys are out playing catch with dad as I type. They love their baseball. Evals for fall ball and tryouts for Spring travel are next week, so the break is short lived. JM is not sure he is trying out for travel...I think the tryouts are too close to the end of the season and he is a bit burned out. He loved playing, but when he looks at tryouts already he gets a little apprehensive.

So, such is life! Crazy, busy, and full of surprises!